The Global Consciousness Project

What is the nature of Global Consciousness?

Production Credits

The Creative Team

Programming and Analysis

The group of people who have contributed the major portion of real, time-consuming work to the project is small, and most of them are listed in the table below. The resulting system is robust and highly functional, and it has for several years been producing high quality data with potential value in numerous analytical frameworks. In addition to our team, a number of independent analysts and observers have worked with the GCP data, and produced interesting alternative perspectives. We are always open to cooperative work with scientists and programmers interested in developing new analytical and display capabilities.

In June 2002, some 30 people met to discuss the GCP, where it is and where we wish to go. A brief report describing some of the projects that we will pursue in working groups gives an idea of the breadth of our aspirations. A list of projects and suggestions relevant to the primary hypotheses of the GCP is sketched in our to do page. To join the group of active contributors, contact Roger Nelson.

Planning, Design, Direction
Roger Nelson
Planning Contributors
Dick Bierman, John Walker, Greg Nelson, Dean Radin, Jiri Wackermann, Stephan Schwartz, Charles Overby
Network Architecture
Greg Nelson, additions by John Walker
Acquisition and Archiving Software
Greg Nelson, additions and refinement by John Walker
Web-based Data Access
John Walker, William Treurniet, Dick Shoup, Greg Nelson
Windows NT/2000 software port
Paul Bethke
Mathematical Analysis and Modeling
Peter Bancel, with Roger Nelson
Form-based Analysis
George deBeaumont, Jenny Gable Brown, William Treurniet
Daily Tables and Graphs
John Walker, additions by Greg Nelson
Real-Time Data Display
Dick Bierman, Jaroen Ruuward, Nishith Singh, Taylor Jackson, Dale
Real-Time Coherence Widget
Brad Anderson, Kevin Laghleigh, Oliver McDermott
Egghost Google Map
Oliver McDermott
Daily Movies
John Walker, Dale
Musical Interpretations
Leane Roffey, Roger Nelson, with NooViz by Mark Line, Jim Burton, William Treurniet
Experimental Methodology
Roger Nelson, with contributions by York Dobyns, Dick Bierman, Richard Broughton
Critical Assessments
James Spottiswoode, Ed May, Richard Broughton, Doug Mast, Peter Bancel, Hans Wendt
Predictions and Results Tables
Roger Nelson, with contributions by many others as listed in Results table
Statistical and Graphical Analysis
Roger Nelson, George deBeaumont, Dean Radin, Richard Broughton, Dick Bierman, Doug Mast, Paul Bethke, Mike Meyer, Peter Bancel, Dick Shoup, Hans Wendt
Technical Expertise and Consulting
Greg Nelson, John Walker, Paul Bethke
Website Design
Rick Berger, with Roger Nelson; an alternative website by David Medina;
2014 site redesign by Marjorie Simmons (in progress)
Public Relations
Roger Nelson, Jan Peterson, Arnold Lettieri, Tom Sawyer